maryanneMary Anne Marsh is a nationally recognized political analyst providing strategic counsel for Fortune 100 companies, non-profits and political campaigns. As an expert in quantitative and political analysis, Mary Anne plans and executes unique public relations and crisis communication strategies. She defines the debate and delivers the most effective message, positioning every client for success.

Prior to joining Dewey Square Group, Mary Anne served as the senior vice-president of integrated services for Boston’s FH/GPC. Throughout her career, she has advised national grassroots organizations regarding their public policy campaigns. Likewise, Mary Anne used her political knowledge in senior campaign roles for Senators John Kerry and Edward M. Kennedy. She also directed the first, and most successful, coordinated campaign for the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

Mary Anne is a Democratic political analyst for the BBC, FOX News Channel, WCVB-Channel 5, WBZ-AM, and Radio New Zealand. However, she also provides commentary and analysis to national and local media including: The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Fox News Opinion, The Washington Post, Politico, AP, The Times of London and USA Today.

As the lead political analyst at WCVB-Channel 5, Mary Anne took part in two Emmy Award winning broadcasts. First, the coverage of Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s funeral in 2009. The second came for her political coverage of the 2014 Election. In 2011, Boston Magazine named Mary Anne one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Boston. Wheaton College awarded Mary Anne an honorary Doctor of Laws in 2014.

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