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Two years ago, Donald Trump took the oath of office and delivered a dystopian inaugural address that was more midnight in America than morning in America.

Two years later, Trump’s actions have taken a toll on our country that warrants the dark view of his speech. There is one line in his inaugural address that explains the troubling Trump approach to governing America: “The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans.” Unfortunately, Trump hasn’t shown an allegiance to all Americans – only a few and sometimes just one.

In fact, the only allegiance Trump has shown, besides to himself, is to a sliver of Americans that represent the minority, his base of about 30 percent, and the people he hopes can keep him in the White House as Special Counsel Robert Mueller approaches. No one else. In the past two years Trump has criticized, marginalized, and taken actions to hurt a long list of Americans including Latinos, African-Americans, veterans, children, women, journalists, Supreme Court justices, Democrats, some Republicans, Senators, Congressmen, media outlets, FBI agents, military leaders, generals, environmentalists, immigrants, NFL players, former presidents, government workers, farmers, middle class families, and many more.

So who does that leave? A small group of people who will support Trump no matter what he says or does.

Two years after Trump entered the White House his actions have most of America caught between hope and despair.

Trump has helped the few while hurting everyone else. He has partially shut down the government, hurting federal employees and millions more who rely on them economically. He dismantles our government and threatens our national security. He jeopardizes our economy with tax cuts for the one percent that has exploded the deficit to over $779 billion, coupled with a spending spree, in just two years.

Trump started trade and tariff fights that makes food, goods, and services more expensive for most Americans while their wages have increased less than two percent. He has hurt the economy in rural areas where jobs haven’t come while revoking rules and regulations that harm our environment, schools, food, drinking water, natural resources, transportation, veterans services, health care, national security, and workplaces.

In a democracy, the majority rules and a president serves all Americans. Trump caters to the minority and only those who support him. And it’s clear the majority of the country is rejecting that approach.

The 2018 election is only the first sign that the reign of Trump and Republicans is coming to an end. The majority of voters oppose Trump, oppose his policies, oppose his actions, and oppose what he’s doing to our country.

That’s why so many Democrats, women, and candidates of color, were elected to Congress in 2018.

That’s why so many Democrats are running for president and voters are already turning out in droves to see them.

That’s why the majority of Americans support what Democrats in Congress are doing to stop Trump from the building the wall, ending the shutdown, and protecting health care.

Two years after Trump entered the White House his actions have most of America caught between hope and despair. Some believe midnight in America is indeed coming because of his actions. The light on the horizon is that with Democrats in Congress holding Trump accountable and Mueller methodically marching to the front door of the White House, American will look very different two years from now than it looks today – and for the better.

And that’s why there is always a reason for hope. It will soon be morning in America again.

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