The first segment of April 18th’s WCVB On The Record Sunday Roundtable with anchor Janet Wu. Mary Anne Marsh and Rob Gray ask if it’s too early to eliminate Boston Mayoral race candidates. Only 165 days until the primary, City Councilor Michelle Wu and Acting Mayor Kim Janey are beginning to break ahead in the polls.

With this in mind, is political pressure starting to weigh on Janey? While City Council President, she proposed a $40 Million cut to the Boston Police Department. However, as Acting Mayor, Janey is calling for only $4 Million cut.

Also, is State Senator Eric Lesser a Massachusetts up-and-comer? In light of recent fundraising and publicity pushes, a future run for higher office is increasingly likely. And after openly criticizing Governor Charlie Baker, Lesser’s eyes may be set on the Commonwealth.

Next, distribution of the Johnson & Johnson one-dose COVID-19 vaccine pauses nationwide After 6 recipients develop blood clots. This comes after months of concern that the shot was less effective than its 2-dose counterparts. But was it avoidable?

Also, despite child abuse charges, former Police Officer’s Union Head Patrick Rose kept his job for more than 2 decades. Apparently both the department of Social Services and the Police Department investigated Rose. And yet, they took no action. Who is at fault?

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