The second segment of April 25th’s WCVB On The Record Sunday Roundtable with anchors Ed Harding and Sharman Sacchetti. Mary Anne Marsh and Ginny Buckingham discuss why Red Sox owner John Henry is in hot water across the pond. The backlash has to do with one of Henry’s other sports ventures, Liverpool FC.

After plans for a European Super League fell apart amid public outcry, Henry found himself apologizing to Liverpool’s fans for pledging to join the now-abandoned league. Should Henry be paying closer attention to what’s happening at Fenway Park?

Also, migrant children are still entering the United States through the southern border at crisis levels. And yet, the Biden administration’s visits to migrant detention camps have not yet happened.

On one hand Vice President Harris is currently making stops nation-wide, and is set to visit Guatemala next week. However, migrant populations in Texas have yet to receive attention. Is this an optics problem, or is the administration failing to fulfill its promises?

Finally, who in American politics had the best or worst week? On one hand, Mary Anne Marsh stays focused on whether John Henry is giving the Red Sox enough attention. Meanwhile, Ginny Buckingham looks towards the controversial gender reveal parties.

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