The first segment of May 30th’s WCVB On The Record Sunday Roundtable with anchors Janet Wu and Ed Harding. Mary Anne Marsh and Rob Gray discuss the Holyoke Soldier’s Home COVID-19 Outbreak, which falls squarely on Governor Charlie Baker. Ahead of a potential run for re-election, is this Baker’s final reckoning with a failed pandemic response?

Also, Harvard Political Professor Danielle Allen went On The Record to discuss her exploration of a Democratic run for Governor. However, with a potentially very large field ahead of the 2022 race, can she stand out?

Then, Acting Mayor Kim Janey is making progress on her attempts to fire Boston Police Commissioner Dennis White. Last week’s OTR discussed a Boston Globe report that White has a history of domestic violence. Furthermore, White claims that former Mayor Marty Walsh knew the whole time, something that Walsh himself has denied. Will this scandal continue to be a problem for the now-Secretary of Labor Walsh?

Next, a look back at former Mayor Marty Walsh’s October 2020 claim that police reform would come within the next 180 days. In the light of the 1-year Anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, is Walsh or Janey to blame?

Finally, is the Police Union’s endorsement worth anything in the upcoming Boston Mayoral Race?

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