June 13th’s WCVB On The Record Sunday Roundtable with anchor Janet Wu. Mary Anne Marsh and Rob Gray discuss Aaron Michlewitz’s approval of the Massachusetts Millionaire Tax, and a recent slew of controversy for Acting Mayor Kim Janey.

Also, is the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee chairman, State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, set to the next State Speaker of the House? Earlier, Aaron Michlewitz went On The Record to discuss a tax putting 4% on income earned over $1 Million. Last week, lawmakers approved putting the “Millionaire Tax” on the 2022 State Election ballot.

Next, Mayor Kim Janey fired now-former Boston Police Commissioner Dennis White due to domestic violence allegations from 1999 surfacing. Former-Mayor Marty Walsh, who appointed White, claims not to have known; something that White himself denies. Will this continue to haunt Walsh in his role as US Secretary of Labor?

Also, the Boston City Council gave itself the power to remove the president, currently Kim Janey. Ahead of the 2021 Boston Mayoral race, which includes Janey and 3 other councilmembers, could this be taken as a threat?

Furthermore, an application by Janey’s cousin to open a marijuana shop in Boston was reportedly rejected. Despite legalization, could this be a hit to Janey’s public image?

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