The first segment of June 27th’s WCVB On The Record Sunday Roundtable with anchors Janet Wu and Ed Harding. Mary Anne Marsh and Rob Gray discuss the state moving on the Millionaire Tax, and Marty Walsh trying to snub out Rachael Rollins.

First, the state legislature has decided to move forward on the “Millionaire’s Tax,” which would add a 4% tax to any income earned above $1 Million. In the light of this, Governor Baker has proposed extending the sales tax holiday by another 2 weeks. Will it garner the same support? Furthermore, how could this issue reflect on Baker ahead of next year’s gubernatorial race?

Next, Suffolk DA Rachael Rollins lambasted Former Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on last week’s OTR for appointing ousted Police Commissioner Dennis White. After 1999 allegations against White of domestic abuse resurfaced, Walsh quickly claimed ignorance. However, DA Rollins was one of many to claim Walsh was lying. In response, Walsh’s camp has begun fighting the upcoming appointment of Rollins as a US Attorney. But how much can he really do?

Finally, President Joe Biden nominated Massachusetts House Majority Leader Claire Cronin as US Ambassador to Ireland. How will House Speaker Ron Mariano fill the gap?

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