For the past three years Democrats have been fighting about super delegates as part of their nomination rules for president…Three years…It is a fight they were bullied into by Bernie Sanders who isn’t even a Democrat, egged on by Donald Trump who isn’t a Democrat, based on an argument that is a lie…That lie is Sanders would have won the Democratic nomination but for super delegates.

That isn’t true.

The fact is Hillary Clinton would have won the Democratic nomination without super delegates. She won the popular vote in the primary and pledged delegates. In fact, she would have won the nomination no matter what the rules. Popular vote, super delegates, proportional voting with super delegates, without super delegates, winner take all, GOP rules Clinton beats Sanders every time. It’s called math…

Worse than spending three years fighting about Democratic rules that people who aren’t Democrats don’t like the changes that were made hurt women and people of color the most. Super delegates are largely elected officials and party officials…all of whom are elected by their constituents or their peers and accountable to them. Sanders, Trump, and Republicans called them elites. Laughable. They are in these positions because people voted for them in a democratic process. So, if you are a US Senator, a Member of Congress, a party activist etc. you automatically became a super delegate and get to vote.

Not anymore.

Super delegates can’t vote for president at the convention until the second ballot…and there hasn’t been a second ballot since 1952!

The 2018 election is poised to elect more Democratic women and more candidates of color than any in history. Yet, they won’t be able to vote for president at the convention…until the second ballot which isn’t ever going to happen…Adding one more barrier to participation. Shameful.

So, Democrats have given people who aren’t Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump what they want…a more restrictive process and three wasted years.

Do you think Democrats will figure out it is Trump and GOP who don’t want Nancy Pelosi as Speaker too? That’s the current fight started by people who aren’t Democrats that Democrats have fallen for…again. For a party that says it so inclusive and diverse it always seems that women and people of color are hurt the most when it comes to “reform.”

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