The first segment of March 14th’s WCVB On The Record Sunday Roundtable. The political feud that is brewing between Massachusetts Governor Baker and teachers unions is finally out in the open. Baker defends his inability to set up vaccination centers at individual schools, but is he justified? How should Massachusetts prioritize its bureaucracy?

Also in this segment, reactions to Boston Mayoral Candidate John Barros. Mary Anne wonders if he’s proven himself in the time since his last run in 2013. Meanwhile, Rob thinks an overpopulated ballot could help Barros stay competitive, but there are still plenty of obstacles.

Finally, the larger issues surrounding vaccine economics. Why is Massachusetts paying double what other states are paying for COVID-19 vaccines? Why is Governor Baker wasting money on private vaccination sites when public ones are struggling? As Mary Anne says, “there are a lot of questions here.”

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Find out more about the standoff between Governor Baker and the Teachers Unions.

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