The first segment of March 21st’s WCVB On The Record Sunday Roundtable. Mary Anne Marsh and Virginia Buckingham discuss the news from earlier this week that six Asian women were killed in Georgia. Is anti-Asian hate on the rise in America, and is the Atlanta shooting spree a warning sign of more trouble to come?

Also in this segment, reactions to Massachusetts Gubernatorial hopeful Ben Downing. At the beginning of OTR, Downing discussed vaccine rollout priority and Massachusetts school operations for the upcoming summer. Mary Anne thinks Downing may be proving himself at a time when Charlie Baker’s popularity is plummeting. Meanwhile, Virginia Buckingham thinks that taking too many positions this early in the race can leave Downing with little to no wiggle room in the future.

Next, the future of vaccines in Massachusetts may be looking brighter. Governor Baker has released a vaccination calendar for all qualified Massachusetts citizens. But, can we trust it? As Mary Anne says, “There are problems that have come with all of this.”

Finally, when Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is confirmed as President Biden’s Labor Secretary, what will Acting Mayor Kim Janey’s first steps be? How does Janey stack up against the candidates that have actually declared Mayoral bids?

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