The second segment of March 28th’s WCVB On The Record Sunday Roundtable. Mary Anne Marsh and Rob Gray discuss what the defining issue of Marty Walsh’s tenure as US Labor Secretary will be. The former Mayor of Boston gave his first interview since being sworn in. Walsh hinted that companies like Uber and DoorDash were responsible for Gig Worker unemployment checks.

How will this impact President Biden’s campaign to win over the middle class? According to Rob Gray, significantly. As a huge amount of cash funnels into Silicon Valley, Gig Worker rights will likely become a major issue of Marty Walsh’s tenure. Likewise, Mary Anne thinks it’s time for more corporate responsibility and labor representation in the tech industry.

Vaccine ID’s, Duxbury Football Under Fire, and Best/Worst Week

Next, Massachusetts State Senator Berry Finegold calls for a vaccine ID to be used for travel and public events. Of course, this raises various concerns over privacy, First Amendment rights, and discrimination. Mary Anne thinks vaccine ID’s could be nationally used to keep people safe and promote vaccination. Similarly, Rob Gray believes Massachusetts would be smart to start implementing the system even if it isn’t picked up nationally.

Also in this segment, Duxbury High School’s head football coach was fired for allowing players to use anti-Semitic audibles which could be heard from the stands. Both Mary Anne and Rob want to know how this was allowed to go on for so long.

Finally, who in American politics had the best or worst week? On one side Mary Anne looks back towards Boston City Hall. On the other, Rob goes straight to the White House.

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