The first segment of April 4th’s WCVB On The Record Sunday Roundtable. Mary Anne Marsh and Rob Gray discuss returning Massachusetts students to in-person education. Governor Baker claimed that school COVID-19 transmission rates were under 1% in Massachusetts, so is it time to fill the classrooms? While Rob thinks it’s long overdue, Mary Anne asks if an increase in contact will cause an increase in cases.

Also in this segment, over 70% of Massachusetts believes Governor Baker has done a good job with the pandemic. Could this help come time for re-election? Also, how does Baker’s overall pandemic management contrast with the vaccine rollout? As Mary Anne points out, Massachusetts residents are much less impressed with the ability to get shots in arms.

Next, Boston’s Acting Mayor Kim Janey has done plenty to try and spark popularity, but has she done enough to demonstrate policy? Mayor Janey took over in late March after previous Mayor Marty Walsh became President Biden’s Secretary of Labor. After making the usual Mayoral stops, such as dropping the puck at the Bruins game and the now-normal pandemic press briefings, Mayor Janey must show her political prowess to secure a frontrunner position in the 2021 Mayoral race.

Finally in this section, Mary Anne and Rob discuss if Democrats should move more diverse states to the beginning of the Primary Elections calendar.

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